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Communicative Intent

Actions or utterances performed that represent a pragmatic function.

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  • During structured and unstructured activities, Florencia will use action words to verbalize basic wants & needs (e.g. stop, go, turn, want, eat) with 90% accuracy across 3 consecutive therapy sessions to increase expressive communication. 3
  • Teri will attempt to activate his NEVO device (or other AAC device) 3 times during a therapy session over consecutive sessions as measured by clinical observation and documentation to increase communicative intent. 1
  • Jacob will initiate verbal requests for wants and needs in 8 of 10 trials given minimal support in 3 of 5 treatment sessions. 0
  • Chi will use AAC device to ask questions or initiate phoneme with SLP/teachers/peersin 4 out of 4 opportunities across 4 consecutive therapy sessions as measured by clinician data and observation to increase expressive language abilities. 2
  • Judie will indicate wants and needs by combining gesture + vocalization 15 X a session, across 3 consecutive sessions to increase communicative intent as measured by clinician observation, with 25% verbal modeling. 0
  • Taylor will expand comments or questions to express a message for a communication partner for 2/3 topics/subtopics given moderate cueing across 4 of 5 sessions. 0
  • Mauro will produce a variety of consonant-vowel combinations including CV, VC, CVC, and CVCV words with fading prompts in structured and play activities to improve speech intelligibility with 90% accuracy across 3 sessions. 2
  • Carlton will request an object/activity/basic need (e.g. take a break) given visual supports (e.g. field of 3-4 picture symbols) in 80% of opportunities, adjusting level of support as needed across consecutive therapy sessions as measured by clinician data and observation to increase expressive language skills. 1


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