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To tell someone the appearance, sound, smell, events, etc., of (something or someone) or to say what something or someone is like.

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  • Louanne will describe (pictures, objects) using at least 3-4 descriptive concepts with 90% accuracy over 4 sessions to demonstrate describing and attribute expressive language skills. 2
  • Given structured therapy materials and decreasing prompts/cues, Clair will demonstrate improved expressive vocabulary by a) describing 4 attributes of pictures or objects and b) naming categories and category items, and c) identifying/describing an object's function, with 90% accuracy, in 4 consecutive sessions as measured by SLP observation and data collection taken during each therapy session. 3
  • Alfred will expressively define objects/pictures by giving 3-5 descriptive terms independently with 90% accuracy across 3 sessions to improve expressive language skills. 3
  • Sheena will provide 4 attributes of an object/picture/vocabulary target with minimal visual/semantic cues with 90% accuracy across 4 consecutive sessions as measured by clinician data collection to improve overall expressive and receptive language skills. 2
  • Given minimal cues, Elroy will describe a pictured item or relate a story/event with at least 4 details and will name an object/event when provided with 4 details with 80% accuracy over five consecutive sessions as measured by data and observation to increase vocabulary. 2
  • Shirleen will use age-appropriate morphology (i.e., plurals, attributes, possessives, helping verbs) to describe photos and create grammatically correct phonemes with 80% accuracy in 4/4 consecutive therapy sessions as measured by clinician data collection to increase grammatical and expressive language skills. 5
  • When given verbal, visuals or gesture prompts, Teri will use 2+ words to describe a picture with 80% accuracy, over 3 consecutive sessions, as measured by observations, data collection and/or standardized testing to increase expressive language skills. 1


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