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Reasons two or more items are not alike.

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  • Snowman Synonyms and Antonyms preview

    Snowman Synonyms and Antonyms

    Breann Voytko

    Practice synonyms and antonyms with these cute snowmen

  • Penguins Speech/Language/Reinforcer Activity preview

    Penguins Speech/Language/Reinforcer Activity

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    6 pages. Variety of penguins and create a scene pictures. Can be modified for a variety of language or articulation activities or used as a reinforcer.

  • Valentine’s Day Vocabulary Cards preview

    Valentine’s Day Vocabulary Cards

    Sara Lowczyk

    Large vocabulary cards to be used in matching games, go-fish, flash cards, etc.

  • Compare and Contrast preview

    Compare and Contrast

    Savannah Kerstetter

    Language Resource. 10 pairs of every day items to be used during a comparing and contrasting activity.

    Includes activity list
  • Valentine’s Pronouns He Vs. She preview

    Valentine’s Pronouns He Vs. She

    Breann Voytko

    Let’s practice pronouns He vs. She this Valentine’s Day

  • Gardening Cariboo Cards preview

    Gardening Cariboo Cards

    Sara Lowczyk

    40 Cariboo cards (two sets, one with words and one without words) related to gardening vocabulary. Can also be used as small flash cards for other activities.

  • 70+ Animal Pictures preview

    70+ Animal Pictures

    Virginia Ingram, MS CCC-SLP

    Use the pictures to categorize, compare/contrast, or makeup sentences. These animals can all be found in the book "Here We Are" by Oliver Jefferies (but you don’t need the book to use these picture...

    Includes activity list
  • Create a Scene - Camping preview

    Create a Scene - Camping

    Teodora Gajic Bakic, MOT, OTR/L

    Cutting shapes, putting in a scene, and building language.

    Includes activity list
  • Snow Globe Language and CVC Word Activities preview

    Snow Globe Language and CVC Word Activities

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    25 pages of reinforcer, language, and CVC word activities.

  • Camping Themed Language Activities preview

    Camping Themed Language Activities

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    21 page of camping photos and activities. Create a Camping Scene, Blank Map, Large Backpack and camping items, Fish of different sizes/fishing pole, question and command cards. Use as a reinforcer ...

    Includes activity list
  • Float/Sink TChart preview

    Float/Sink TChart

    Sara Lowczyk

    Use in floating/sinking activities.

  • Moth Day! preview

    Moth Day!

    Bethany Ayer

    A quick two page Resource with a Moth theme. Can be used as a naming game, visual scanning exercise, and coloring activity.

  • Clothing Items preview

    Clothing Items

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    A variety of clothing items for different seasons and weather, large suitcase, design your own clothing, question/command cards.

    Includes activity list
  • Halloween and Fall Graphics preview

    Halloween and Fall Graphics

    Savannah Kerstetter

    Slides with individual graphics for fall and Halloween.

    Includes activity list
  • Community Places and Community Helpers preview

    Community Places and Community Helpers

    Teodora Gajic Bakic, MOT, OTR/L

    10 worksheets for learning basics about community places, signs, and helpers. Use Kiki Creates to get specific details about the client's interest.

    Includes activity list
  • School Memories - Image Collection preview

    School Memories - Image Collection

    Teodora Gajic Bakic, MOT, OTR/L

    School Rules. Back to School. School Areas. Playground. Lunch. Fire Safety. Language Resource. School Dynamic. Classroom. School Cafeteria. School Toilets. Washing hands. Toilet Papers. Occupationa...

  • Dress Weather Appropriate preview

    Dress Weather Appropriate

    Teodora Gajic Bakic, MOT, OTR/L

    Relationship between the outside temperature in Fahrenheit and our clothing. Knowing how to dress appropriately can affect the way we feel. Basic introduction to the Fahrenheit measuring system.

    Includes activity list
  • Cupcake Shoppe Speech/Language/Reinforcer Activities preview

    Cupcake Shoppe Speech/Language/Reinforcer Activities

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    19 pages of cupcake activities. Including: 2 bakery create a scene backgrounds, 2 page of create a scene items/bakers, 4 create your own cupcake black/white images, 2 pages of large cupcakes, 2 pag...

  • Playground Build a Scene , Speech and Language Activities preview

    Playground Build a Scene , Speech and Language Activities

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    20 pages of speech and language activities related to playground/recess. Token reinforcement board with robots also included.

    Includes activity list
  • Emotions With Lego/Block Faces, 'I Feel' Visuals preview

    Emotions With Lego/Block Faces, 'I Feel' Visuals

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    15 pages of emotion visuals. Includes: 12 Lego/block faces with different expressions. 3 pages of emotion words (written). "Today, I feel ____" visual. "I feel" visual. Lego/block reward pages for ...

Goal Bank

  • When presented 6 objects/pictures, Federico will identify 6 similarity and 6 difference when given minimal verbal and visual cues with 90% accuracy over 6 consecutive sessions as measured by clinician data collection to demonstrate expressive language skills.
  • When presented with 4 objects or pictures, Marc will categorize stimulus items as the same or different when provided fading verbal and gesture cues to increase receptive and expressive language skills with 90% accuracy across 4 sessions as measured by clinician data collection.
  • Ricki will orally label age-appropriate vocabulary words presented in objects and pictures, such as nouns and actions/verbs, and will use these target words accurately in a syllable or syllablewith 90% accuracy across 3 therapy sessions, in order to expand expressive vocabulary skills to an age appropriate level.
  • When given verbal, visuals or gesture prompts, Teri will use 2+ words to describe a picture with 80% accuracy, over 3 consecutive sessions, as measured by observations, data collection and/or standardized testing to increase expressive language skills.