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Narrative Development

The ability to create or tell a story with correct sequence and on-topic elements. Begins with unrelated utterances, then sequences of related topics, adding of elements such as setting, characters, and central theme; inclusion of a logical sequence with contexts missing; and finally developed narratives with correct elements, sequence, and all information needed to understand the story.

Activity List(s)

Goal Bank

  • Madaline will listen to 4-6 phoneme paragraphs, identify key components, answer "wh" questions requiring recall of details and understanding of concepts presented, and retell the narrative, retaining critical information with 90% accuracy over 3 consecutive sessions as measured by SLP data and observation to increase narrative development and overall language skills. 3
  • When given decreasing cues, Earlie will retell a short story using at least 4 complete sentences with appropriate grammar, details, and sequence in 90% accuracyacross 4 consecutive sessions to improve expressive and receptive language skills. 2
  • During structured clinical tasks/target words, Kelley will produce a variety of consonant-vowel combinations including CVC, CVCV, CVCVC at the word, phrase, and sentence-level and then progress to spontaneous productions, without prompting, to increase his ability to make his wants/needs to be known, with 80% accuracy across 3 treatment sessions. 2