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To negate statements or questions, we typically insert the words no or not into the phrase or sentence. Comprehending and using negation is a common grammar challenge in language acquisition.


  • Halloween Speech, Language and Reinforcer Activities preview

    Halloween Speech, Language and Reinforcer Activities

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    21 pages of token rewards and create a scene Halloween activities. Can be used to as reward system for correct productions/responses. Can be used to target language goals (i.e. shapes, following di...

    Includes activity list
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    Space/Solar System Sentence Strip

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    St. Patrick’s Day Sentence Strip

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    A St. Patrick’s Day themed sentence strip to work on over/under.

  • Jungle or Safari Speech and Language Pack preview

    Jungle or Safari Speech and Language Pack

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    22 pages of speech and language activities related to jungle animals or safari. Includes: 4 pages of animal and scenery graphics 2 pages of following one and two step commands (containing qualitati...

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    Farm Speech, Language, Reinforcer Activities

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    15 pages of farm scenes, farm animals, tractors, design your own tractor, hen house/hens/eggs/nests, apples/corn/baskets, crops, farm tools and more.

  • Birthday Party Speech/Language/Reinforcer Activities preview

    Birthday Party Speech/Language/Reinforcer Activities

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    Contains 24 pages of multiple cakes, create your own cake activity, blank cake pieces, variety of candles, numbers, a large variety of balloons and presents, piñata with blank candy pieces, pin the...

  • Egg Coloring/Craft preview

    Egg Coloring/Craft

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    *Coloring/craft activity *11 white eggs *8 medium, 1 large, 1 small *Can be modified to target articulation or language skills.

Goal Bank

  • Golda will receptively identify categories when given at least 5 items, expressively name at least 5 items when given a category, and identify/explain why items do or don't belong in a category with 90% accuracy over 5 consecutive sessions as measured by clinician data and observation to increase receptive and expressive language skills.
  • During a 4 month therapy period, Portia will use the following morphological markers, first through imitation, then spontaneously: possessive -s, auxiliary verbs, plural –s, present progressive –ing, “wh” questions (who, what, where), and negation (no, not) with 80% accuracy over 4 consecutive sessions to improve overall expressive and receptive language skills.

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