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The ability to use language to ask for an item/action

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Goal Bank

  • Jane will request using AAC device with 80% accuracy given moderate cueing across 3 consecutive sessions. 0
  • Illa will imitate, then use, words to request assistance (help, open) 3 times during a session over 3 consecutive sessions as measured by clinician data and observation to increase expressive language abilities. 2
  • Carlton will request an object/activity/basic need (e.g. take a break) given visual supports (e.g. field of 3-4 picture symbols) in 80% of opportunities, adjusting level of support as needed across consecutive therapy sessions as measured by clinician data and observation to increase expressive language skills. 1
  • During structured and unstructured activities, Florencia will use action words to verbalize basic wants & needs (e.g. stop, go, turn, want, eat) with 90% accuracy across 3 consecutive therapy sessions to increase expressive communication. 3
  • Given a field of 4 or more picture icons, Genia will request a highly desired item with 80% accuracy 4 times during a session without tactile assistance to increase pragmatic and language skills. 2
  • Scott will imitate, then use 2-word utterances with fading prompts with 90% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions to improve expressive language skills. 2
  • Chadwick will use his SGD to make requests and comment with 80% accuracy given moderate assistance over 5 consecutive sessions to improve functional communication. 2
  • Given verbal and visual prompts, Ardelle will consistently use multi-word utterances (4+ words) for a variety of pragmatic functions (including labeling, commenting, and requesting) 9 /10 times in a session to improve expressive and pragmatic language skills as measured by data collection and observation across 3 consecutive data collection days. 2
  • Cory will use multiple modes of communication to appropriately protest, communicate that she is upset, and request sensory activities/break time to remain calm in 3 /4 opportunities given minimal assistance across 5 consecutive sessions to increase expressive and pragmatic language skills. 2
  • With fading modeling, Jordan will use carrier phrases "I don't want (item or activity)" and/or "I want (item or activity)" using AAC or any multimodal communication when expressing refusal or approval in 3 out 4 opportunities in 6 consecutive sessions, for active participation in everyday life situations. 0