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Reasons that two or more entities are alike.

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Goal Bank

  • When presented 2 objects/pictures, Federico will identify 3 similarity and 3 difference when given minimal verbal and visual cues with 90% accuracy over 4 consecutive sessions as measured by clinician data collection to demonstrate expressive language skills. 2
  • Leon will state how 4 things go together with fading prompts with 90% accuracy over 4 consecutive sessions to improve receptive and expressive language skills. 2
  • When presented with 4 objects or pictures, Marc will categorize stimulus items as the same or different when provided fading verbal and gesture cues to increase receptive and expressive language skills with 90% accuracy across 4 sessions as measured by clinician data collection. 3
  • Ricki will orally label age-appropriate vocabulary words presented in objects and pictures, such as nouns and actions/verbs, and will use these target words accurately in a phrase or sentence with 90% accuracy across 3 therapy sessions, to expand expressive vocabulary skills to an age-appropriate level. 3
  • When given verbal, visuals or gesture prompts, Teri will use 2+ words to describe a picture with 80% accuracy, over 3 consecutive sessions, as measured by observations, data collection and/or standardized testing to increase expressive language skills. 1