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Volume and Resonance

Volume and Resonance are the perceived loudness of the speaker and the airflow of speech through the vocal tract. For example, errors of resonance could be hypernasal (too much air coming out the nose) orhyponasal (not enough air coming out the nose for nasal sounds).

Reference links

  • Speech Intelligibility: How Clear is Your Child’s Speech? 1
    Author: Andalusia Speech Therapy - Have you ever found it difficult to understand your child’s speech?A Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) can help you understand if your child’s speech intelligibility is at an appropriate level for their age.

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Goal Bank

  • Janene will vary prosodic factors such as his intonation (pitch), volume, rhythm, and stress when given clinician models and fading supports toward independent spontaneous production, first in imitative, in imitative, then spontaneous words, phrases, and sentences moving on to expanded sentence levels, brief and longer monologues, and conversation when ready, with 90% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions to improve prosody. 3
  • Marco will produce vocalic /r/ (ER, AR, AIR, EAR, IRE, OR) in words, phrases, and sentences, with modeling and 80% accuracy, for 3 data collection, to actively participate in everyday activities. 0


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