Speech Therapy -> Oral Motor Skills -> Strength


The ability of the oral motor structures to perform actions for speaking or feeding with appropriate force (i.e. mastication). Hypotonicity and hypertonicity each have negative impacts on speech and feeding tasks.

Goal Bank

  • Fermina will imitate age appropriate bilabial sounds (p,b,m) and age-appropriate consonants (n, w, h, t, k, f, g) in consonant+ vowel, vowel+consonant, consonant+vowel+consonant, and consonant+vowel+consonant+vowel combinations with 80% accuracy across 5 consecutive sessions to improve speech intelligibility. 3
  • Given visual and verbal stimuli, Jill will correctly produce VC/CV words first in imitation then spontaneously in phrases and sentences with 90% accuracy across 3 therapy sessions to improve speech intelligibility. 2