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When a complete or incomplete syllable is repeated (e.g. 'baba for 'bottle').

Goal Bank

  • Rolf will produce the following phonemes /g, k, d, y, sh, ch, l, r, j, th, v, s, z/ in all positions of the word in imitative, then spontaneous syllables, words, and phrases, sentence, and conversation when ready with 80% accuracy over 3 consecutive sessions to improve overall speech intelligibility. 2
  • Rick will produce /p/ in all positions spontaneously in words, phrases and sentences with 90% accuracy across 3 therapy sessions to increase intelligibility. 2
  • Marline will correctly imitate, then spontaneously produce the /r/ phoneme (including blends) in all word positions in words, phrases, sentences, and finally conversation with 80% accuracy over 3 consecutive sessions in order to improve intelligibility. 3