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Being Prepared

Gathering materials necessary for an event or task. Skills include time management, organization of packing, and identifying possible problems.

Goal Bank

  • Given examples of social situations, Melva will problem-solve a variety of functional scenarios(e.g. to increase orientation and safety awareness) with 90% accuracy across 3 consecutive therapy sessions. 3
  • When given scenarios of social conflicts, Hannah will demonstrate problem-solving skills by identifying the problem and generating 2 solutions appropriate to the situation, with min assistance, with 80% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions to demonstrate examples of pragmatic/social / life skills such as dealing with conflict. 0
  • Pierre will respond to his name with/without prompting with 80% accuracy 3/4 consecutive data days as measured by data collection to demonstrate attention skills as well as the skills necessary to be successful in a classroom environment. 1
  • Charlsie will make an inference and/or provide an appropriate verbal response to a problem given a variety of situations (i.e., school, home, community) with 90% accuracy given minimal cues across 5 consecutive therapy sessions as measured by clinician observation to increase pragmatic and expressive language skills. 3
  • Given visual timer, Orlando will end preferred task and transition to therapist selected task without negative behaviors 4 out of 5 trials across 3 sessions as measured by clinician observation and data collection to increase pragmatic and executive functioning skills. 2
  • Carlton will request an object/activity/basic need (e.g. take a break) given visual supports (e.g. field of 3-4 picture symbols) in 80% of opportunities, adjusting level of support as needed across consecutive therapy sessions as measured by clinician data and observation to increase expressive language skills. 1

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