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Gestures, Signs, and Facial Cues

Being able to use, interpret, or react to the actions of others to communicate feelings and messages. These messages can be positive (high five, thumbs up) or negative (scowl, eye roll).

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Goal Bank

  • Given an emotion in a picture, video, or story, Jovita will demonstrate comprehension of non-verbal cues by listing at least 4 cues such as, facial expression nuances, tone of voice changes, body stance nuances, and/or gestural cues that were present for that given emotion with 90% accuracy across 4 sessions to improve language and pragmatic comprehension. 2
  • Leonard will identify social "hidden rules" with 80% accuracy, given minimal cueing, across 3 of 5 sessions. 0
  • Given a social situation, Jason will identify how their actions make others feel, with 80% accuracy, given moderate cueing across 3 of 5 sessions. 0
  • Given a field of 4 or more picture icons, Genia will request a highly desired item with 80% accuracy 4 times during a session without tactile assistance to increase pragmatic and language skills. 2


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