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Being able to identify how items or objects can go together or identifying similarities.

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Related Disorder(s)

  • Receptive Language Disorder - A child with receptive language disorder has difficulties with understanding what is said to them. The symptoms vary between children but, generally, problems with language comprehension begin before the age of three years. Children need to understand spoken language before they can use language to express themselves.

Goal Bank

  • Given decreasing cues, Bud will complete receptive language tasks (i.e. turn pages in a book, match colors/photos, follow commands with gesture cues) in 3 out of 4 trials across 4 therapy sessions to improve overall expressive and receptive language skills. 2
  • When given verbal, visuals or gesture prompts, Teri will use 2+ words to describe a picture with 80% accuracy, over 3 consecutive sessions, as measured by observations, data collection and/or standardized testing to increase expressive language skills. 1


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