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Manipulating language by adding prefixes, suffixes, conjugations, and other endings on words (examples: -s, -ing, -ed, 's, past/present/future tense). Receptive tasks for this subject could include identifying the plural, identifying verb tenses, or the action -ing.

Goal Bank

  • Bruce will understand and use age-appropriate morphological and syntactic markers including but not limited to pronouns, prepositions, comparatives/superlatives, and word-ordering, first through imitation, then spontaneously in words, words, and word, with 90% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions to improve language comprehension and expression.

Related Disorder(s)

  • Receptive Language Disorder - A child with receptive language disorder has difficulties with understanding what is said to them. The symptoms vary between children but, generally, problems with language comprehension begin before the age of three years. Children need to understand spoken language before they can use language to express themselves.