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Words deriving relation or location of an object or person to another. Examples include over, under, up, down, around, next to, between, before, after.

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  • Receptive Language Disorder - A child with receptive language disorder has difficulties with understanding what is said to them. The symptoms vary between children but, generally, problems with language comprehension begin before the age of three years. Children need to understand spoken language before they can use language to express themselves.

Goal Bank

  • Napoleon will demonstrate understanding of spatial concepts (i.e. under, behind, next to, in front of) in phonemes with 90% accuracy across 3 sessions as measured by clinician observation to increase basic concept skills. 3
  • Hank will follow 4 step directions including a preposition and/or sequential term (I.e. first, second) with minimal cueing and 80% accuracy across 4 consecutive sessions to improve language comprehension. 2
  • Given visual and verbal support, Kris will demonstrate understanding of basic concepts, including under/over, next to, big/small, front/back, tall/short/long, wet/dry with 80% accuracy as measured by data collection and observation across 3 consecutive data collection days to improve upon receptive language skills. 2
  • Nicholle will demonstrate understanding of age-appropriate vocabulary by following directions of increasing length and complexity including negation (not, without), sequencing (after, before), serial order (first, then, last), location (right, left) and/or temporal (until, at the same time) concepts, advancing to the next level when 90% accuracy is achieved over 3 consecutive sessions. 3
  • Wally will correctly identify items/pictures when given verbs, prepositions, and/or pronouns as descriptors with minimal cueing across 3 consecutive sessions with 90% accuracy to increase receptive and expressive language skills. 2
  • Fred will demonstrate receptive understanding of age-appropriate vocabulary words with fading prompts with 90% accuracy over 3 consecutive sessions to increase receptive language skills. 4
  • When provided with cues and then spontaneously, Lashon will demonstrate understanding of spatial concepts (in, off, on, under, on top of, next to, beside, behind) with 90% accuracy across 3 sessions to improve overall expressive and receptive language skills. 2


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