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Verbs are action words such as go, walk, jump, eat, and come. Understanding and using verbs allow the child to communicate in sentences rather than 1-word phrases.

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Related Disorder(s)

  • Receptive Language Disorder - A child with receptive language disorder has difficulties with understanding what is said to them. The symptoms vary between children but, generally, problems with language comprehension begin before the age of three years. Children need to understand spoken language before they can use language to express themselves.

Goal Bank

  • Wally will correctly identify items/pictures when given verbs, prepositions, and/or pronouns as descriptors with minimal cueing across 3 consecutive sessions with 90% accuracy to increase receptive and expressive language skills. 2
  • Given a writing or speaking task, Sharika will identify and use irregular past-tense verbs (i.g., walked/ran) appropriately in a phrase or sentence with 90% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions as measured by clinician data and observation to increase language and grammatical skills. 2
  • Micaela will receptively identify age-appropriate vocabulary items from a variety of semantic categories (i.e. letters, shapes, colors, nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) in a field of 4, with fading supports with 80% accuracy on 4 out of 4 consecutive therapy days as measured by clinician data and observation to increase receptive language skills. 3
  • Maxima will receptively identify and expressively use correct pronouns, prepositions, superlatives, and future, present and past tense verbs with fading prompts to create grammatically correct sentences with 90% accuracy across 3 sessions. 6
  • Fred will demonstrate receptive understanding of age-appropriate vocabulary words with fading prompts with 90% accuracy over 3 consecutive sessions to increase receptive language skills. 4
  • Given decreasing cues, Elisha will listen to a statement or question and identify if the grammatical patterns used in the phoneme are correct or incorrect and will provide the correct word to repair those utterances identified as ‘incorrect’ with 90% accuracy over 3 consecutive sessions to improve overall expressive and receptive language skills. 2


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