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Cognitive Regulation

Allows children to use cognitive (mental) processes necessary for problem solving and related abilities in order to demonstrate attention and persistence to tasks.

Reference links

  • The Functional External Memory Aid Tool Version 2.0: A How-To Clinical Guide 0
    Author: Alyssa M Lanzi 1 2, Anna K Saylor 1, Robert F Dedrick 3, Michelle S Bourgeois 4, Matthew L Cohen 1 2 5 - This clinical-focus article describes new resources available to help clinicians administer and interpret Version 2.0 of the FEMAT when serving adults with cognitive-communication disorders.

Activity List(s)

Goal Bank

  • Janelle will learn vocabulary and functional sentences to express his state of being and will verbalize the need for use of socially acceptable means to regulate his behavior with moderate cues across 4 consecutive sessions to increase self-regulation and social skills. 3
  • Carlton will request an object/activity/basic need (e.g. take a break) given visual supports (e.g. field of 3-4 picture symbols) in 80% of opportunities, adjusting level of support as needed across consecutive therapy sessions as measured by clinician data and observation to increase expressive language skills. 1
  • When given verbal, visuals or gesture prompts, Teri will use 2+ words to describe a picture with 80% accuracy, over 3 consecutive sessions, as measured by observations, data collection and/or standardized testing to increase expressive language skills. 1


  • Time Management Chart preview

    Time Management Chart

    Sara Lowczyk

    This is a time management chart to send home with parents to aid in creating a homework schedule. This was created while I worked at The Autism Program, see below for website and details.


  • Animal Token Reward Sysem preview

    Animal Token Reward Sysem

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    Token Reward System using animals. "I am working for" visual 4 sample photos of possible motivators


  • Kiki's Mood Match preview

    Kiki's Mood Match

    Bethany Ayer

    Emotional Regulation Resource. Mindfulness Resource. This is a two page document that uses concepts from the Zones of Regulation to identify emotions within yourself and others. This could also dou...