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Vocal Hygiene

Behaviors that keep the voice functioning appropriately. Examples of proper vocal hygiene elements include drinking enough water, not screaming to children or pets across the house/yard, avoiding throat clearing, or warming up voice before singing or performing.


  • Gender Affirming Voice & Communication preview

    Gender Affirming Voice & Communication

    Virginia Ingram, MS CCC-SLP

    This resource can be used as a handout for patients who are seeking treatment for gender-affirming voice and communication (per ASHA).

    Includes activity list

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Reference links

  • Taking Care of Your Voice: What is Vocal Hygiene? Author: UNC Voice - Vocal Hygiene is a daily regimen of good habits to maintain the health of your vocal folds. These include eliminating inappropriate vocal habits and situations that place unnecessary wear and tear on the voice and common sense behaviors which contribute to efficient voice production and overall vocal health.