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  • Arrows - Jumping Activity preview

    Arrows - Jumping Activity

    Glenna Nave

    Physical Therapy Resource. Occupational therapy Resource. Outdoor. Print and laminate sheets then cut out each arrow. Place arrows on the floor facing different directions.


  • Going On a Hike preview

    Going On a Hike

    Kurt Meyerhofer

    Outdoor. Senses. Going on a hike. Take a virtual hike and enjoy the sights along the way.

    Includes activity list


  • Physical Therapy For Spring: Daffodils preview

    Physical Therapy For Spring: Daffodils

    Dana Parker PTA

    Physical Therapy Resource. Movement Resource. PT. Exercise Resource. A collection of coordination, core strength, upper and lower extremity strength, and crossing the midline activities. Great for ...

    Includes activity list