Activity lists

  • Animal categories - "Here We Are"

    Virginia Ingram

    Use these categories to sort 70 animals. Since there is a list of both categories and animals you can use the lists to make the activity convergent or divergent.


  • Find an animal - "Here We Are"

    Virginia Ingram

    Find an animal that has the following characteristics. You can use the book, "Here We Are" or use the 70 Animals found on Ambiki. Use the carrier phrase, "please find an animal that..."


  • Hiking Nature Sounds

    Teodora Gajic Bakic

    A collection of sounds we hear during hiking.


  • Nature Vocabulary

    Kim Luster

    A collection of words that are found outside in nature. This word list will work well with Resource PDF Playground Slide 6 - Nature Scavenger Hunt.


  • The longest beetle in the world - Hercules beetle insect

    Teodora Gajic Bakic

    Hercules Beetle's fun fact followed with 2 questions.



  • Bee Articulation Trial Mat preview

    Bee Articulation Trial Mat

    Sara Lowczyk

    50+ bees for articulation.


  • Beetle Activity preview

    Beetle Activity

    Bailey Morgan

    An activity for children who like insects/beetles with attached reward chart page

    Includes activity list


  • Bug Moves (Exercise) preview

    Bug Moves (Exercise)

    Whitney Castle

    Have fun acting a bug with these moves! Perform as a timed activity (do each one for so many seconds) or play a freeze dance game to a favorite song


  • Butterfly Token Reward System preview

    Butterfly Token Reward System

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    6 butterfly token reward system "I am working for" visual sample photos/rewards for work system


  • Frog Play-Doh Mat preview

    Frog Play-Doh Mat

    Glenna Nave

    Fine Motor Resource. Sensory. Worksheets. Play-Doh Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. Work on fine motor skills while having the students roll play-doh into small balls with the tips of their...


  • Kiki is Flying Comic preview

    Kiki is Flying Comic

    Virginia Ingram, CCC-SLP

    Learn about Kiki’s unique way of flying and how an Occupational Therapist ends up working with Kiki. A great comic for OT month (or anytime you want to discuss what an OT does). Includes a blank co...

    Includes activity list