Word Groups

Phrases, sentences, and paragraphs to use in your sessions

One of Ambiki's scaffolding tools to help you lead your patients on the path from phoneme -> word -> phrase -> sentence -> paragraph.

2,672 word groups

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a difference of opinion Phrase Learn more
a dispute where there is strong disagreement Phrase Learn more
A dog with big brown ears is sleeping. Sentence Learn more
A duck was playing in the rain puddle. Sentence Learn more
Advent calendar Phrase Learn more
a figure of speech that suggests a non-literal similarity Phrase Learn more
a filled-in drawing of the outline of an object Phrase Learn more
a fire that can be seen from a distance Phrase Learn more
a form of the verb used as an adjective Phrase Learn more
After he told his friend’s secret, the group froze him out. Sentence Learn more
After the blizzard, there were icicles and everything was frozen. Sentence Learn more
After we have dinner, we can have dessert. Sentence Learn more
After you point to the picnic basket, draw a circle around it Phrase Learn more
After you put a dot on all the eggs, raise your hand Phrase Learn more
After you put Santa in front of the fireplace, give him a plate of cookies. Sentence Learn more
After you put the coffee next to the milk, put the sugar next to the coffee. Sentence Learn more
After you put the corn beside green beans, give the cookie to the girl. Sentence Learn more
After you put the green beans beside the cranberry sauce, put the cheese on the bread then give it to the girl. Sentence Learn more
a government order imposing a trade barrier Phrase Learn more
a government tax on imports or exports Phrase Learn more
A Hanukkah menorah has 9 candles. Sentence Learn more
a heavy rain Phrase Learn more
a Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher Phrase Learn more
A: Hissssstory Phrase Learn more
A is for ab crunches to build your core strength. Sentence Learn more

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