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Phrases, sentences, and paragraphs to use in your sessions

One of Ambiki's scaffolding tools to help you lead your patients on the path from phoneme -> word -> phrase -> sentence -> paragraph.

150 word groups

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Step 6. Add 2 antennae on the top of the head. Paragraph Learn more
Step 7: Consume immediately or put the lid on the jar and keep it for later. Please store your dessert in the refrigerator if you don't eat it right away. Paragraph Learn more
Step 9: Rinse each day. It will take about 4 to 5 rinses over the course of 4 to 5 days for the sprouts to fully grow. Paragraph Learn more
Step Five: Start shaking again and shake until you hear sloshing. The cream has turned into buttermilk! Paragraph Learn more
Step Four: Stop shaking and take a look. After a few minutes, the cream will turn into whipped cream. Paragraph Learn more
Step Six: Pour the milk out of the jar, but leave the clumps. The remaining clumps are butter. Use a spoon to take it out of the jar and serve unsalted. Paragraph Learn more
Step Three: Start shaking. Shake for __ minutes. Paragraph Learn more
Step Two: Leave the jar on the counter to let the milk warm to room temperature. About 25 minutes. Paragraph Learn more
Talking to my friend was really challenging just now. We had a great conversation, but that doesn't matter. Paragraph Learn more
Thanksgiving is a homecoming for many people. All of our family comes together. I love a Thanksgiving get-together. Paragraph Learn more
That person asked me to repeat myself. They must think I don't know how to talk. Paragraph Learn more
That person looked funny at me when I was talking. They must not like me. Paragraph Learn more
The American scoffed. "I am a Wharton MBA and could help you. You should spend more time fishing and with the proceeds, buy a bigger boat. With the proceeds from the bigger boat, you could buy several boats. Eventually, you would have a fleet of fishing boats. Instead of selling your catch to a middleman, you would sell directly to the processor, eventually opening your own cannery. You would control the product, processing, and distribution. You would need to leave this small coastal fishing village and move to Mexico City, then LA, and eventually NYC where you will run your expanding enterprise."  Paragraph Learn more
The butterfly flapped her wings when she landed on the yellow daffodils. Do you prefer yellow daffodils or the ones with orange and white? I think yellow is my favorite color. Don’t you have a yellow raincoat? Paragraph Learn more
The Christmas Party was fun. I saw the Nutcracker ballet that night, so I was running late. Nevertheless, they were still trimming the tree when we arrived. He was hanging mistletoe (with care) beside a beautiful red poinsettia. The tinsel icicles made a mess last year, so they used tinsel garland this year. We brought some Frankincense incense that we bought online. I tried the eggnog latte and the gingerbread. He ate the head on the gingerbread person! The nativity scene at the house was elaborate. This was a December to remember. Paragraph Learn more
The Christmas tree looked so beautiful with all of the twinkling lights until my cat thought one of the bird decorations was a real!.... Paragraph Learn more
The graduation will be in June. Everyone says, “congratulations graduates” but they often spell it “congradulations.” Congradulations is not a word, but a play on words. Paragraph Learn more
The morning of the party, Kara checked the ivitation again to make sure she would be at the right place at the right time. She didn't want to show up late! Before she left, she pulled on her coat and boots and told her mom she would be home before the street lights turned on. When she got to the party, she found her friends waiting at the ticket booth, shivering. Kara looked out at the ice and was instantly glad she brought her coat! Once they paid, the employee asked "What size do you need?". Kara sat down to put on her rented footwear. She was glad the blades were sharp, because dull blades could make you slip on the ice when you rounded the rink. Kara and her friends had a blast, and they made sure to sing to Jamie before the night was over. Paragraph Learn more
These items are usually rectangle, colorful, and can be used to build towers/bridges. What is it? Paragraph Learn more
The table is always set beautifully for the holidays. There is usually a centerpiece with beautiful flowers. The flowers are chrysanthemums. There is also cornucopia, which is a symbol of abundance and nourishment. Paragraph Learn more
The weather in March can be unpredictable. The month often begins with bad weather but finishes with better weather. This could also mean something wild and unpredictable will eventually calm down. Paragraph Learn more
Throughout the centuries people have explained the rainbow in various ways. Some have accepted it as a miracle without physical explanation. To the Hebrews it was a token that there would be no more universal floods. The Greeks used to imagine that it was a sign from the gods to foretell war or heavy rain. The Norsemen considered the rainbow as a bridge over which the gods passed from earth to their home in the sky. Others have tried to explain the phenomenon physically. Aristotle thought that the rainbow was caused by reflection of the sun's rays by the rain. Since then physicists have found that it is not reflection but refraction by the raindrops which causes the rainbows. Paragraph Learn more
To cause someone to look very foolish as a joke.   Paragraph Learn more
To deceive someone in a playful way by making them think something is true. A synonym for pulling my leg.   Paragraph Learn more
To form the plural of most nouns in English, simply add the suffix -s to the end of the noun. For example: Paragraph Learn more

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