Ambiki EMR - Visit Notes

Better notes, faster

Automated data extraction and more

Structured therapy activity and trial data automatically extracted from your visit note for painless progress tracking

Use the Quick Phrases palette and keyboard shortcuts for quicker documenting

Pull forward previous notes for a client as a quick starting template

View the active Plan of Care (POC) side-by-side for quick goal reference while writing your note

Easily keep track of visit notes that need signatures or review

Take notes from your desktop or mobile device - works anywhere

Upload multimedia such as photos, videos, and PDFs into session notes

Autosave keeps you from losing your work if you accidentally close your window or lose your internet connection

Optionally generate a parent-friendly summary of any visit note making it easier for parents to understand their child’s therapy progress

Support for different note styles (SOAP, DAP, and Free text notes)

Ambiki EMR - New Visit Note
Writing a free-text note in Ambiki, POC available for easy reference.
Ambiki EMR - Visit Note Structured Data
Therapy activity and trial data automatically extracted from your note text.

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