Billing a Session

Last updated: June 30, 2023
To make billing a session with a patient as easy as possible, make sure you have both set up insurance billing and have set your organization's EMR settings. These two steps ensure Ambiki has enough data to seamlessly create treatment reports, create patient invoices and submit electronic claims with a click of a button.

Once your organization's settings are entered, you will first start the billing process through writing documentation of the patient's session. 

  1. Visit the patient's profile you are treating.
  2. Create an Evaluation or a Visit Note for the session and save the document.
  3. Before adding your signature to the documentation, add the billing details. Click Actions, then Billing.
    Actions menu, Billing option.
  4. Fill out and save the Billing details of the session. Ambiki will automatically enter as much data as it can about your session.
    Billing detail form.
  5. Once the Billing details are saved, the last step is to Sign the documentation.

Once the documentation is signed, if all required data is present (see steps in the beginning of this help document), the treatment report, patient invoices and electronic claim (if applicable) will be created for the session. Depending on your organization's settings, the electronic claim may be sent out after this step as well.