How to Add Billing Provider Information and Default Service Rates

How to Add Billing Provider Information and Default Service Rates image
How to add a Billing Provider, service rates and add treatment modifiers
Information you will need to add a billing provider and service rates:
  • Your organizations tax ID number (EIN)
  • Contact user
  • NPI number
  • Taxonomy number
  • Rates you charge for your services
  • Address 

  • Select Billing from the left navigation bar
  • Click Provider info and Service Rates
  • Enter all required information about the billing provider. This is typically your Group NPI, business address, business EIN, and other company information but in some cases could also be your personal NPI and information. 
  • Add Service Rates
    • These service rates are 'Default' meaning the service rates your practice charges before thinking about negotiated rate with insurance or other more specific billing rates. 
  • You can add any modifiers as well at this time. Please note that you will need to add any modifiers. They are not added by default.
  • Make sure you hit SAVE before leaving the page.

    Important note: It is recommended that you leave the location type blank for at least one rate for each service you provide on these default rates. The rates in this section will be your basic rates, which can apply to all locations, if the location type field here is left blank. Any further specification can be set with an additional service rate that specifies a location.

select billing and click go under provider info and service rates

add new billing provider and select service rate

add service rate info and add treatment modifier