How to Bill a Private Pay Source On Ambiki

How to Bill a Private Pay Source On Ambiki image
Last updated: January 22, 2024
To bill a private pay source on Ambiki, first you will need to make sure you have your Stripe settings set up in Ambiki. Click here to learn how to set up Stripe

Once you have set up Stripe, follow these steps:
  • Add a credit card as a patient's payment method
    • To add a credit card for a patient, go to the patient's profile. 
    • Then click on 'Payments' (at the top)
    • Then go to 'Payment Methods' and click 'Edit'.
    • Click 'Add a payment method' 
    • Then click blue button that says 'Add a credit card through Stripe'. If you do not see this button, please ensure you have set up Stripe in Ambiki
    • You do not need enter member number/group number/subscriber information and other insurance related information, since this is a private pay source. 

  • Create an invoice for your session
    • After you have treated, go to this patient's profile to complete any relevant documentation (visit notes, etc.)
    • Once you have necessary completed documentation, go to 'Payments' 
    • Go to patient invoice and click 'Add a patient invoice' 
    • Fill out the invoice and add the invoice items. Select the credit card from the payment method dropdown. 

  • Bill for session
    • Once you have generated the invoice, click on the 'Actions' button in the top right hand corner 
    • Click on '$ Add Payment'
    • Select if it is a full or partial payment. 
    • Review payment information and make sure the credit card is the default payment. Once you save, the credit card will be charged, and the ledger will be updated.