Chat Correct™ Only Available on Ambiki Teletherapy

Easy, annotated error correction for language and literacy growth

Help improve your elementary, middle school, or high school language student's literacy skills.

Chat Correct™ lets therapists quickly correct mistakes in a client's sentence. The client can then review their errors which are automatically annotated and color coded based on error type for easy visualization of what they need to fix.


here are ann example of chat correct in action! Hover over the the mistakkes to learn more infomation


Here is an example of Chat Correct in action. Hover over the mistakes to see more information.

See full corrections

here Here are is ann an example of chat Chat correct Correct in action!. Hover over the the mistakkes mistakes to learn see more infomation information.

Chat Correct™ automatically annotates the following types of mistakes.

  • Missing word
  • Unnecessary word
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Verbs and verb tense
  • Word choice
  • Pluralization
  • Stylistic choice
Chat Correct™ in Teletherapy
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Only Available on Ambiki Teletherapy

Chat Correct™ is one of many innovative features only available through Ambiki's teletherapy platform.

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