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Search lists of concepts (OT), exercise routines (PT), idioms (ST), foods (FT), and many other lists that can be directly applied in your sessions.

12 activity lists

(Word list) Snowman Dance Actions: Word list

List of 6 action words related to the Snowman Dance Resource

6 items | by Maya Gonzalez

(Word list) Verbs associated with baking

One-word verbs associated with baking and the Apple Crisp activity.

7 items | by Maya Gonzalez
12 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Mixed list) How do I do a jumping jack?

Steps to teach a jumping jack

6 items | by Virginia Ingram

(Mixed list) Examples of symmetry in nature for 9 year old

Warm-up before drawing symmetry shapes

14 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Phrase list) Quick and Easy Bilateral Coordination Exercises

A short list of quick bilateral coordination exercises that can be used as a warm-up, cool down, or session break.

6 items | by Bethany Ayer

(Mixed list) Kiki wants you to draw a Ladybug

Use the following steps to draw a ladybug. You can do this with a piece of paper/whiteboard or an electronic whiteboard or with the Draw a Ladybug resource.

7 items | by Virginia Ingram

(Phrase list) Move as the Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

This activity is meant to illicit gross motor movements. Use the list to encourage the activity shown. If there are no things in the session area that have the corresponding colors, the therapist ...

6 items | by Bethany Ayer

(Phrase list) One-, two-, and three-step directions – Kiki is Flying

A collection of directions to be used with the Kiki is Flying comic.

20 items | by Kim Luster

(Mixed list) Fine Motor Activities

This is a list of activities to improve fine motor skills. It would be good for OT, PT and SLP to use with adults or kids with supervision.

16 items | by Kim Luster

(Mixed list) Butter Recipe

A recipe for making butter. This activity can be used in Occupational, Feeding, Physical, or Speech Therapy.

8 items | by Virginia Ingram

(Mixed list) Crossing Midline

A collection of exercises that encourages crossing midline in various positions.

10 items | by Cheyenne Allen

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