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Search lists of concepts (OT), exercise routines (PT), idioms (ST), foods (FT), and many other lists that can be directly applied in your sessions.

13 activity lists

(Word list) List of 10 US migration birds moving South in the Fall

A collection of 10 birds that travel south during fall.

10 items | by Trenton Treadway

(Mixed list) Extreme Weather Conditions

A collection of extreme weather.

10 items | by Trenton Treadway

(Mixed list) Roll a Die or 2 Dice, say one thing I will match one thing

Roll a Die or Dice (Teletherapy, you can use Reaction feature 1 Die or 2 Dice). Get the number and count until you get to the picture/sticker. What have you found? Describe one feature of it (shape...

7 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Word list) List for Camping

A collection of common items for camping

8 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Phrase list) ONE DICE Introduction Warm-up Game

Play one dice game, show the activity list and download the resource together for a fun warm-up game you can play via Teletherapy.

6 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Sentence list) Basic yes/no questions for school age students

A list of 27 yes/no questions you can use with your students. Ask the questions to your students to get clear-cut answers or have them ask you the questions.

27 items | by Virginia Ingram

(Paragraph list) School buses are safe

Short paragraph about safety in the school bus. This could be used as a social story.

1 item | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Mixed list) 10 words about the school bus for a kindergartener

A collection of 10 words about the bus for 4-5-year-old

9 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Mixed list) Hiking items for 9 years old

A collection of 10 things needed for hiking.

10 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Word list) Planets in Solar System

A collection of proper nouns referring to the names of the planets in our solar system.

8 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Word list) Thanksgiving Vocabulary

A collection of Thanksgiving vocabulary words that can be used for various language activities such as describing, function, compare and contrast, defining, syntax (making a sentence), asking/answe...

29 items | by Janette Hreish

(Word list) Seasons

Spin the wheel and have the student identify which season the word belongs in.

21 items | by Olivia Hecker

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