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Lists of phonemes, blends, words, minimal pairs, phrases, sentences, and/or paragraphs to use in your sessions

Search lists of concepts (OT), exercise routines (PT), idioms (ST), foods (FT), and many other lists that can be directly applied in your sessions.

4 activity lists

(Sentence list) Basic yes/no questions for school age students

A list of 27 yes/no questions you can use with your students. Ask the questions to your students to get clear-cut answers or have them ask you the questions.

27 items | by Virginia Ingram

(Phrase list) One-, two-, and three-step directions – Kiki is Flying

A collection of directions to be used with the Kiki is Flying comic.

20 items | by Kim Luster

(Word list) Thanksgiving Vocabulary

A collection of Thanksgiving vocabulary words that can be used for various language activities such as describing, function, compare and contrast, defining, syntax (making a sentence), asking/answe...

29 items | by Janette Hreish

(Word list) Seasons

Spin the wheel and have the student identify which season the word belongs in.

21 items | by Olivia Hecker

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