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(Mixed list) Stuttering self-report rating scales

Scaling is a useful way to measure how talking is going for a client who stutters. It's also a way to measure progress over the course of therapy, which is helpful for goal-setting and measuring da...

12 items | by Ian Quillen

(Mixed list) Stuttering, Regular Disfluencies, and Tricks/Avoidances

A list of examples of stutter-like disfluencies, typical disfluencies, and possible tricks/avoidance behaviors that are used to get around moments of stuttering (these can include secondary behavio...

25 items | by Ian Quillen

(Word list) Feeling words for communication

List of feeling words. This can be used to talk about feelings someone might have about their communication, recognizing their own feelings, or recognizing their feelings in others.

21 items | by Ian Quillen

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