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5 activity lists

(Mixed list) Extreme Weather Conditions

A collection of extreme weather.

10 items | by Trenton Treadway

(Sentence list) Simple Mealtime Sentences

Simple mealtime sentences to use with the Mealtime AAC board. Students who have mastered these sentences may be challenged with the Mealtime Activity List.

13 items | by Virginia Ingram

(Mixed list) Social story about introducing yourself to a new friend at the pool

This story can be used to model a conversation with a potential friend at the pool.

4 items | by Virginia Ingram

(Mixed list) Phone call to the library to see if a book is in

Roleplay a phone call to the library to see if they have the book you want to check out.

10 items | by Virginia Ingram
5 items | by Virginia Ingram

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