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(Word list) Action Word related to Toileting

Actions relating to using the restroom

5 items | by Maya Gonzalez

(Word list) Brushing Teeth Word List

List of items involved in brushing teeth

7 items | by Maya Gonzalez

(Sentence list) Steps to drinking juice.

Steps to drinking juice from a cup.

9 items | by Kim Luster

(Sentence list) Steps to brush your teeth.

Steps to brush your teeth.

5 items | by Kim Luster

(Mixed list) Afternoon and Evening Routine Word List

A word list that can be used alongside the Afternoon and Evening Routine Resource. To use as an Occupational Therapy exercise, use this word list as a game on Ambiki and have the client match the ...

8 items | by Bethany Ayer

(Mixed list) Personal Hygiene Item Questions

A collection of questions that can be used to assist clients in sequencing, categorizing, and organizing personal hygiene items used in activities of daily living.

10 items | by Bethany Ayer

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