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11 activity lists

(Word list) Monster Story: Word List

Word list of 10 words related to monster story resources (sasquatch and werewolf)

10 items | by Maya Gonzalez

(Mixed list) Monster Story: Werewolf, male

Short story including detailed descriptive setting, camping, and monster. See Sasquatch, female

3 items | by Maya Gonzalez

(Mixed list) Monster Story: Sasquatch, female

Short story including detailed setting description, camping, and monster. See Werewolf, male

3 items | by Maya Gonzalez

(Word list) Camping /th/ Word List

A collection of /th/ words in the IWP related to camping.

10 items | by Alyssa Sadler

(Paragraph list) 5 sentence paragraph about family camping for 8-10 year old.

The paragraph involves items presented in the Camping Word list and PDF resource. This could be used as a social story.

1 item | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Word list) List for Camping

A collection of common items for camping

8 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Word list) Nature Hiking Sounds with Images.

A collection of sound verbs related to the hiking experience.

15 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Sentence list) 6 Cool ideas to start conversation with another teens at the community pool

Simple and cool social phrases for teens to use at the community pool during summer.

6 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Phrase list) Hiking Nature Sounds

A collection of sounds we hear during hiking.

15 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Mixed list) Hiking items for 9 years old

A collection of 10 things needed for hiking.

10 items | by Teodora Gajic Bakic

(Mixed list) Summer Lover Vocabulary

A collection of things associated with summer. This includes 70 vocabulary words representing Summer for all Summer Lovers.

68 items | by Virginia Ingram

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