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Lists of phonemes, blends, words, minimal pairs, phrases, sentences, and/or paragraphs to use in your sessions

Search lists of concepts (OT), exercise routines (PT), idioms (ST), foods (FT), and many other lists that can be directly applied in your sessions.

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(Word list) Kiki's Food Songbook

A list of words associated with Kiki's Food Songbook.

12 items | by Meagan Delaney

(Sentence list) Questions related to The Full Hunter’s Moon in October

Questions relating to bullet points on Full Hunter’s Moon activity list.

9 items | by Trenton Treadway

(Mixed list) All About Me Question List with Additional Prompts

Use as a companion to the All About Me PDF. Make the activity harder with these additional questions.

33 items | by Virginia Ingram

(Mixed list) Compensatory Strategies for Organization and Recall

A list of different compensatory strategies one can used to stay organized and to remember important information. You can use this list to discuss different ways to organize and recall (For example...

8 items | by Bailey Morgan

(Mixed list) Afternoon and Evening Routine Word List

A word list that can be used alongside the Afternoon and Evening Routine Resource. To use as an Occupational Therapy exercise, use this word list as a game on Ambiki and have the client match the ...

8 items | by Bethany Ayer

(Sentence list) All About Me Activity List

A collection of Wh- Questions related to back to school, getting to know new people. All about me basic info: age, hobbies, food, music, friend, TV shows, etc. Four versions for various ages and in...

12 items | by Bethany Ayer

(Mixed list) Fine Motor Activities

This is a list of activities to improve fine motor skills. It would be good for OT, PT and SLP to use with adults or kids with supervision.

16 items | by Kim Luster

(Paragraph list) Winter Multisyllabic Words in Paragraphs

A collection of paragraphs using winter multisyllabic words.

5 items | by Virginia Ingram

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