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How Will I Schedule An Observer to Attend a Teletherapy Session?

The therapist has an option for scheduling an observer from the appointment form. Either when scheduling a teletherapy session with a patient(s) or adding an observer to a previously made appointme...


Unknown Visitors In the Waiting Room Notification

I received a notification that says '1 visitor need you to select their name from 'Select patient'. What does this mean?  Confirmation emails are sent out to participants when the session is create...


How Do I Access My Session Notes From My Teletherapy Session?

How do I find the notes I've written during my session? Where do they save to? The notes you've taken from your session will be accessible from your schedule​ 1. Select 'Schedule' from the left ha...


How Do I Use the Teletherapy Room Front Desk Chat and Features?

What is the Teletherapy Front Desk?  The Teletherapy Front Desk is a place for you to view what teletherapy appointments you have for the day, view which patients are online on Ambiki, take attenda...


Free Student and Professor Membership Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Student Membership give me access to?  The student membership is free to students and professors currently enrolled or teaching at a university. The student membership gives access t...


What Is Special About Ambiki Teletherapy?

Features built specifically for SLPs, OTs and PTs to enable a safe, fun and HIPAA compliant session. Ambiki’s teletherapy platform was developed and built alongside SLPs, OTs, and PTs. One of its m...


How Do I Use The Goal Bank and Create My Own Goals?

Ambiki's goal bank was created so that clinicians don't need to re-invent the wheel and start from scratch every time they write patient goals. You can find Ambiki's goal bank here: Goal Bank Ho...


How Do I Use a Visual Schedule In Ambiki's Teletherapy Platform?

Click the link to learn about creating visual schedules:  Ambiki Help - Creating a Visual Schedule In Ambiki Can visual schedules created in Ambiki be used for teletherapy? Yes! You can use visual...


What is the Emergency Brake and How Do I Use It In Ambiki Teletherapy?

Ambiki's Emergency Brake was created to give therapists complete control over their sessions, and an easy way to regain control if things go array. What does the Emergency Brake do? The Emergenc...

How Do I Use a Timer In Teletherapy? - image

How Do I Use a Timer In Teletherapy?

The timer feature is available in Ambiki teletherapy by selecting the ‘timer’ icon. [Timer icon.png] Once the timer icon has been selected, therapists can select the desired length of time in minu...

How Do I Share My Screen During Teletherapy? - image

How Do I Share My Screen During Teletherapy?

 Share screen is the ability to share a file, video, tab, window, or document on your computer during teletherapy with a patient.  Patients can interact with the content using Ambiki's Click Beacon...


How Do I Use Resources Inside of Ambiki Teletherapy?

Ambiki's teletherapy platform lets you use your resources saved on your Ambiki account or public resources created by other clinicians right inside the teletherapy platform - no need for switching ...

How Do I Use the Interactive Whiteboard In Teletherapy? - image

How Do I Use the Interactive Whiteboard In Teletherapy?

How do I use the interactive Whiteboard in Teletherapy?  The therapist opens the whiteboard at the bottom right side of their screen. The Whiteboard is locked for the patient when it is first opene...


How Do I Use Observer Mode In Teletherapy?

Observer mode allows for an authorized third party to observe and interact during a teletherapy session. Observer mode can be used for clinical supervision (when applicable), or for a parent who ma...

How Do I Use the Green Screen Feature In Teletherapy? - image

How Do I Use the Green Screen Feature In Teletherapy?

Description   Over 30 preloaded green screen backgrounds hand-picked by our therapists are available for use. Additionally, the green screen controls are highly configurable allowing this feature t...


How Do I Enable Group Video In Teletherapy?

Ambiki's Safe Oasis™ De-Identified Group Therapy provides patients & therapists with enhanced privacy - patients by default will only see the therapist, and not each other. The therapist will be ab...

How to Play Games In Ambiki? - image

How to Play Games In Ambiki?

Ambiki provides registered users free access to a variety of Games. Visit and select one of the available games.  Therapists can play these games on Ambiki in an in-person ...

Content Licenses - image

Content Licenses

When adding a resource, activity list, or goal to Ambiki's goal bank you will need to choose a license. If you intend for the content to remain private to you (which it is by default), you do not n...

Creating a Visual Schedule In Ambiki - image

Creating a Visual Schedule In Ambiki

A visual schedule helps patients predict what is going to happen and helps them focus on the task at hand during therapy easing transitions along the way. Therapists use visual schedules to: • Show...

How Do I Use Resources and Activity List Together? - image

How Do I Use Resources and Activity List Together?

Resources are PDFs with visuals and sometimes manipulatives that can be used in therapy both in person and via teletherapy. Activity lists are the different therapy tasks to target objectives in a ...

How Do I Search and Use Resources? - image

How Do I Search and Use Resources?

To search and use Resources: Go to to search and access resources to use in person or via teletherapy. From the Ambiki home page, click on the 'Resources' button on ...

How Do I Upload Resources to Ambiki? - image

How Do I Upload Resources to Ambiki?

To upload a PDF Resource to Ambiki from the home page: • Click on the green 'create new +' button at the top right of the screen. • Click on PDF Resource. Add the title and author which are both ...

Creating Activity Lists - image

Creating Activity Lists

To create an activity list visit or select the green 'create new +' button on the right side of the screen. Then select activity lists. Once on the activity li...

Using/Searching Activity Lists - image

Using/Searching Activity Lists

To search for an activity list: • Go to Ambiki's home page. • Click on the 'Resource' button on the left side panel.  Once on the activity list page, search for activity lists by typing in the se...

Private Vs. Public - image

Private Vs. Public

On Ambiki, data that you create or access (i.e. goals, word lists, resources, etc.) falls into two buckets. Private When you create something in Ambiki (i.e. goals, word lists, resources, etc.) it...