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Echolalia and Its Role In Gestalt Language Acquisition

This view of gestalt language acquisition and the role of echolalia in individuals with ASD is reflected in assessment procedures (e.g., assessing communicative function of echolalia) and treatment...


Multilingual, Multicultural, Bilingual Resource Link For SLPs

Link includes ASHA resources and information related to evaluation and treatment of clients from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. Link includes ASHA resources to: Accent Modi...


The Natural Language Acquisition Guide: Echolalia is All About Gestalt Language Development

'Echolalic’/gestalt comments, phrases, and others like them are vitally important because they make up the first, crucial stage of language development, real language development, for children and ...


Bilingual Service Delivery

Information and resources regarding bilingual service delivery by SLPs (from ASHA)


Bilingual (Spanish/English) Evaluation Resources

Dozens of speech, language, fluency, and other evaluation resources for bilingual evaluations


Fluency Disorders

A fluency disorder is an interruption in the flow of speaking characterized by atypical rate, rhythm, and disfluencies (e.g., repetitions of sounds, syllables, words, and phrases; sound prolongatio...


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