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Effects of Parents' Mealtime Conversation Techniques For Preschool Children With Hearing Loss Who Use Listening and Spoken Language

Parents of preschoolers with hearing loss may benefit from specific coaching to elicit language and introduce new vocabulary during home routines. These techniques may help develop their children's...


Effectiveness of Outpatient Pediatric Feeding Interventions On Increasing Variety of Foods Consumed and Adaptive Mealtime Behaviors

Results indicate that feeding therapy interventions performed in an outpatient setting result in an increase in the number of foods eaten on a regular basis. When children increase their number of ...


A Little PEP Goes a Long Way In the Treatment of Pediatric Feeding Disorders

Feeding disorder in young children is a growing concern, particularly feeding challenges with sensory and/or behavioral underpinning. These feeding disorders are characterized by food refusal, anxi...


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