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Steps For Implementation: Positive Reinforcement

Reinforcement is an evidence-based practice used to increase appropriate behavior and teach new skills (e.g., replacement behavior in place of an interfering behavior). This document outlines the s...


Relationship Among Caregiver Mental Health, Infant and Toddler Sensory-Processing Profiles, and Occupations

Maternal mental health and role in infant and child sensory processing. Citation: Bryan M. Gee, Nicki Abuchon-Endsley; Relationship Among Caregiver Mental Health, Infant and Toddler Sensory-Pro...


Psychoeducation For Caregivers of People With Chronic Conditions: Systematic Review of Related Literature From 1995–2018

Effectiveness of interventions for caregivers of adults with chronic conditions. Adequate caregiver training to promote maintenance of the caregiver's role. Interventions focused on individualized ...


Occupational Therapy Interventions For Children and Youth With Challenges In Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing: A School-Based Practice Case Example

This case demonstrates the use of evidence-based strategies in school-based occupational therapy for a student with ASD and sensory processing difficulties whose occupational therapy evaluation ide...


Effects of Exercise and Physical Activity On Anxiety

Exercise and cognitively based distraction techniques were shown to have equal effectiveness at reducing state anxiety, however, exercise was more effective in reducing trait anxiety (Petruzzello e...


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