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Evaluation of MealSense©: A Sensory Integration–Based Feeding Support Program For Parents

Knowledge translation strategies may facilitate the usefulness of parent education programs related to sensory integration and feeding. MealSense provides an example of an online educational tool f...


Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines For Early Childhood: Birth–5 Years

Cognitive delays: home-, community-, and preschool-based interventions. To address cognitive development in premature infants, use of NIDCAP, home-based EI, touch-based interventions, and reading ...


Effectiveness of Outpatient Pediatric Feeding Interventions On Increasing Variety of Foods Consumed and Adaptive Mealtime Behaviors

Results indicate that feeding therapy interventions performed in an outpatient setting result in an increase in the number of foods eaten on a regular basis. When children increase their number of ...


Interventions Within the Scope of Occupational Therapy Practice to Improve Activities of Daily Living, Rest, and Sleep For Children Ages 0–5 Years and Their Families: A Systematic Review

Feeding and eating, toileting, rest and sleep. Behavioral approaches, parent and caregiver education, and contextual intervention. Interdisciplinary care, family coaching and education, and behavio...


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