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Better Together

It is more productive to focus on addressing the effects of auditory weaknesses on school and home life than to expend energy debating whether poor performance on auditory skills tests reflects an ...


Treatment of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder: Bridging the Gap Between the Audiologist and the Speech-Language Pathologist

There is a history of debate and controversy about the assessment and intervention of children diagnosed with auditory processing disorder (APD). Professionals in communication sciences and disorde...


Redefining Auditory Processing Disorder

Often, treatment for APD and receptive language and comprehension may be the same. Specific remediation doesn’t exist for the perceptual processing skills (such as dichotic listening) that are asse...


Teachers’ Opinions Regarding the Symptoms of Central Auditory Processing Disorder In Children With Reading and Writing Difficulties

The study reported on here aimed to investigate whether CAPD symptoms were underlying to reading and writing difficulty. It was detected that children with CAPD symptoms had a significant disadvant...


Understanding Intervention For (C)APD: As Easy As A-B-C

Poor (central) auditory processing may manifest behaviorally in a variety of ways, including deficient academic performance, impaired communication, and altered sense of self. A is for Activities,...


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