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Speech Intelligibility: How Clear is Your Child’s Speech?

Have you ever found it difficult to understand your child’s speech?A Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) can help you understand if your child’s speech intelligibility is at an appropriate level for ...


The Complexity Approach to Phonological Treatment: How to Select Treatment Targets

There are a number of evidence-based treatments for preschool children with phonological disorders (Baker & McLeod, 2011). However, a recent survey by Brumbaugh and Smit (2013) suggests that speech...


Children's Consonant Acquisition In 27 Languages: A Cross-Linguistic Review

The aim of this study was to provide a cross-linguistic review of acquisition of consonant phonemes to inform speech-language pathologists' expectations of children's developmental capacity by (a) ...


Evaluation of Bilingual Children- Considerations

An overview of considerations when evaluating bilingual (Spanish/English) children


Language Difference vs Language Disorder: Assessing English Learners

Video available Language Difference vs Language Disorder: Assessing English Learners Carol Westby, Bilingual and Multicultural Services, Albuquerque, NM Kimberly Murphy (Host), Old Dominion Un...


Articulation and Intelligibility Norms For Spanish and English

Articulation and Intelligibility Norms for Spanish and English by Bilinguistics


Bilingual (English/Spanish) Therapy Materials By Bilinguistics

Downloads and resources for providing bilingual therapy (Spanish/English)


Bilingual Language Development Video

YouTube Video on Bilingual Language Development by Kathy Kohnert


Multilingual, Multicultural, Bilingual Resource Link For SLPs

Link includes ASHA resources and information related to evaluation and treatment of clients from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. Link includes ASHA resources to: Accent Modi...


Learning Two Languages: Bilingualism

Information and resources for SLPs and parents of bilingual children


Bilingual Service Delivery

Information and resources regarding bilingual service delivery by SLPs (from ASHA)


Bilingual (Spanish/English) Evaluation Resources

Dozens of speech, language, fluency, and other evaluation resources for bilingual evaluations


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