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Effects of Exercise and Physical Activity On Anxiety

Exercise and cognitively based distraction techniques were shown to have equal effectiveness at reducing state anxiety, however, exercise was more effective in reducing trait anxiety (Petruzzello e...


Intervention Strategies For Anxiety In Children: A Summary of the Evidence

Treatment of Anxiety in Children. Interventions include cognitive–behavioral strategies, occupation-based and child-centered play interventions, yoga, and music. These may improve functional perfor...


Activity- and Occupation-Based Interventions to Support Mental Health, Positive Behavior, and Social Participation For Children and Youth: A Systematic Review

Productive occupations and life skills, sports, and yoga addressed mental health, positive behavior, and social participation for children and youth with and at risk for mental health concerns. M...


Psychoeducation For Caregivers of People With Chronic Conditions: Systematic Review of Related Literature From 1995–2018

Effectiveness of interventions for caregivers of adults with chronic conditions. Adequate caregiver training to promote maintenance of the caregiver's role. Interventions focused on individualized ...


Interventions For Caregivers of People With Parkinson’s Disease: Systematic Review of Related Literature From January 2011–December 2018

Evidence for the effectiveness of interventions for caregivers of people with Parkinson’s disease within the scope of occupational therapy practice that facilitates maintaining participation in the...


Occupation- and Activity-Based Interventions to Improve Performance of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and Rest and Sleep For Children and Youth Ages 5–21: A Systematic Review

Rest–sleep, health management (nutrition–dietary, physical activity–fitness, wellness), and the IADLs of driving, communication management, and safety. Interventions embedded in school programming ...


Interventions Supporting Mental Health and Positive Behavior In Children Ages Birth–5 Yr: A Systematic Review

The evidence indicates that touch-based interventions can improve infant self-regulation (strong), social behavior, and attachment (moderate) and reduce maternal stress, anxiety, and depression (lo...


What to Know About ADLs and IADLS

Here is a basic guide to ADLS (Activities of Daily Living) and IADLS (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living).


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