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A Holistic Approach to Voice Therapy

Therapy approaches designed to improve the disordered voice may be equally effective when used to enhance the normal voice. A holistic approach to voice therapy is based on a continuum of voice wel...


Bilingual Service Delivery

Information and resources regarding bilingual service delivery by SLPs (from ASHA)


Bilingual (Spanish/English) Evaluation Resources

Dozens of speech, language, fluency, and other evaluation resources for bilingual evaluations


Speech Pathology Programs Promoting Access to Transgender Voice Therapy

This is a list of SLP Master's Programs that have Transgender Voice Specialty. All programs should at least have some level of instruction in voice classes.


The Role of Speech-Language Pathologists In Voice Therapy

The inability to use our voices effectively has the potential to have a major impact on personal relationships, careers, and the overall quality of our lives. Although many think that voice therapy...


Taking Care of Your Voice: What is Vocal Hygiene?

Vocal Hygiene is a daily regimen of good habits to maintain the health of your vocal folds. These include eliminating inappropriate vocal habits and situations that place unnecessary wear and tear ...


Speech Sound (Articulation) Disorders (Children)

Speech sound disorders are conditions where a child's articulation or pronunciation is delayed or deviant from normal speech sound development.


Voice and Communication Services For Transgender and Gender Diverse Populations

Voice and communication services for transgender and gender diverse populations assist in matching communication with gender identity and/or presentation.


Voice Therapy

Anyone can develop a voice problem at any stage of life. People who use their voices professionally -- such as teachers, coaches, clergy members, performers, and telemarketers -- may be more likely...


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