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Echolalia and Its Role In Gestalt Language Acquisition

This view of gestalt language acquisition and the role of echolalia in individuals with ASD is reflected in assessment procedures (e.g., assessing communicative function of echolalia) and treatment...


Medicare Guidelines For Group Therapy

Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 15 230-Practice of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology A. Group Therapy Services. Contractors pay for outpatient physic...


Bilingual (Spanish/English) Evaluation Resources

Dozens of speech, language, fluency, and other evaluation resources for bilingual evaluations


Learning Two Languages: Bilingualism

Information and resources for SLPs and parents of bilingual children


Bilingual Service Delivery

Information and resources regarding bilingual service delivery by SLPs (from ASHA)


The Natural Language Acquisition Guide: Echolalia is All About Gestalt Language Development

'Echolalic’/gestalt comments, phrases, and others like them are vitally important because they make up the first, crucial stage of language development, real language development, for children and ...


How An SLP and OT Collaborate Long-Distance - The ASHA Leader BLOG

As speech-language pathologists, we all experience stories of working as an interdisciplinary team. In this story, co-treatment brought us together and keeps us in touch today. Our relationship na...


The Rehab Therapist’s Guide to Co-Treatment Under Medicare - Recommended Co-Treatment Guidelines Based On CMS’s Regulations.

There is one important point to keep in mind, courtesy of joint guidelines for co-treatment created by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the American Occupational Therapy Ass...


Therapy Co-Treatment Scenarios and Documentation - Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) Blog

PT and OT appear to be a natural pairing because of the treatment crossover in neuromuscular and orthopedic deficit remediation. However, patients also benefit from co-treatments with SLP and OT, ...


Leveling Up Regulatory Support Through Community Collaboration

While behavioral intervention methodologies and societal expectations for masking remain prevalent, in recent years, there has been a greater emphasis placed on understanding the underlying factors...


Nurturing Care For Early Childhood Development

Your loving care as a parent is what a child needs to be healthy, wellnourished and safe. • Communicate early and often, starting even before your baby is born. It will help you build a warm a...


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