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Ambiki - food explorer's guide to the foodie-verse

Food Explorer's Guide to the Foodie-Verse
by Gabriella Cousino, M.S., CF-SLP

The "Food Explorer's Guide to the Foodie-verse" resource was designed for feeding therapists as a tool to increase food awareness. This resource can be used to... • Increase food awareness • Educat...

Ambiki - Feeding therapy FOod trial Visuals with kiki

Feeding Therapy: Food Trial Visuals With Kiki
by Gabriella Cousino, M.S., CF-SLP

The "Feeding therapy: Food Trial Visuals with Kiki" resource is designed to be an interactive visual aid to be used in feeding therapy.

Ambiki - eating_hierarchy_cover

Eating Hierarchy
by Ambiki

Feeding Resource. Sensory Resource. Feeding Therapy Resource. Children who are picky eaters or problem feeders may experience difficulty with new foods (taste, texture, smell, etc.). The eating hie...

Ambiki - Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 1.28.06 PM

Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light
by Haley Simpson

Visual resource for feeding therapy to categorize current foods in a child's diet and achieve full inventory list of accepted or non-preferred foods.

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