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Spring Equinox Exercise Acronym
by Trenton Treadway SPT

This is a list of exercises to enjoy the Spring spirit. These exercises should take place in a classroom.

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Holiday Breakfast Yoga and Breathing Activities
by Whitney Castle, PT, DPT

Yoga Resource. Movement Resource. Physical Therapy Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. Mindfulness Resource. Move and breathe along with a holiday breakfast menu with yoga poses and breathing ...

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Superhero Animal HIIT Exercise
by Whitney Castle

Enjoy this HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercise any time of the day. This is a kid friendly activity, but any adult can join! The activity incorporates animal moves to make it fun. Perf...

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Wonderwoman Warm-Up
by Whitney Castle

A fun little super hero warm up activity based with Wonder Woman packed with gross motor skills!

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