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Ambiki - describe it (1)

Kiki's Spring Language Adventure: Describe It (Color Edition)
by Gabriella Cousino, M.S., CF-SLP

"Kiki's Spring Language Adventure: Describe It (Color Edition)" is a resource created to target use of adjectives, color names, modifiers, and overall use of descriptive language. In this resource,...

Ambiki - BackPack

Back to School Word Hunt
by Bethany Ayer

A quick 1 page printout to get back in the 'back to school' mindset. Have your client write as many items as they can think of for each category.

Ambiki - Kiki

Kiki's Bunny Match
by Bethany Ayer

Memory games can promote the development of: • Visual - figure ground skills • Visual -perceptual skills • Executive functioning • Visual discrimination

Ambiki - p9jfswqs9p8t3vxni9yr

Living Room Build a Scene: Speech and Language Activities
by Jessica Lenden-Holt

16 pages of multiple living room scenes, living room items, different sized items, design your own living room activity, family members, pets.

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