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Ambiki - dino-maze

Dinosaur Mazes
by Kevin Dias

A dinosaur maze activity for working on visual scanning or visual spatial activities in order to improve visual motor skills. The first maze is fairly simple and the second maze is a little harder.

Ambiki - Help Kiki Draw a Pig

Draw a Pig With Kiki
by Bethany Ayer

Drawing Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. Use this resource to draw a pig. This can be used as a drawing, handwriting, and pre handwriting activity as well as for a visual-spatial exercise

Ambiki - jokes3

Handwriting With Joke Concepts
by Virginia Ingram, CCC-SLP

April Fools Day. Use these handwriting worksheets to practice letter formation. This will also help test expressive and receptive language skills as each of the terms are synonyms for jokes or joking.

Ambiki - 1611774573_0ec8b499-c8cd-4bc7-b9e1-07aea988e2c7

Pencil Control Exercises- Vertical Lines
by Glenna Nave

Writing Resource. Pre-writing Worksheet. Fine Motor Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. OT. Pencil Control. Directions: connect the dots while keeping marks inside the pathway.

Ambiki - ladybug thumb

Draw a Ladybug Resource
by Kimberly Luster, COTA

Use this resource to draw a ladybug. Drawing and visuospatial skills are important foundational skills for handwriting.

Teletherapy-only resource
Ambiki - HEP Hand Strengthening (5) (1)

Home Exercise Program Hand Strengthening
by Krystan Inman

Hand strength is important to develop fine motor skills needed for daily tasks such as pencil grasp and handwriting, scissors skills and self-care such as dressing, eating, and brushing teeth.

Teletherapy-only resource
Ambiki - Spider cutting

Pre Writing Cutting - Spider Web
by Krystan Inman

Cutting builds the muscles in a child's palm and hand during open and close of scissors. Cutting enhances hand-eye coordination. Scissor skills also encourage the child to use bilateral coordinatio...

Teletherapy-only resource

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