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Ambiki - Dawn Zeis Moore's homemade game (500 × 500 px)

Dawn Zeis Moore's Homemade Game
by Dawn Zeis Moore, CCC-SLP

From Dawn via the Speech-Language Pathologist Lounge (SLPs and SLPAs) group on Facebook,"My clinical supervisor during grad school showed me this game when I was doing my clinical practicum. It's e...

Ambiki - school_bus_cover

Two-Step Directions At School
by Kevin Dias

With this resource you can work on having your patient follow two-step directions for situations they may often encounter at school.

Ambiki - You Are mini1

Let's Talk About Feelings
by Kimberly Luster, COTA

Kindness. Senses. Emotions. Say something nice. This has 4 pages about feelings (‘You Are’, ‘I am Feeling’, ‘Match the Feeling’, ‘When I Feel This… I Can…’), 1 page with images of movement activiti...

Ambiki - Help Kiki Draw a Pig

Draw a Pig With Kiki
by Bethany Ayer

Drawing Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. Use this resource to draw a pig. This can be used as a drawing, handwriting, and pre handwriting activity as well as for a visual-spatial exercise

Ambiki - Easter Egg Stamp Decoration for Teletherapy

Teletherapy Resource. Easter Egg Stamp Decoration For Teletherapy
by Teodora Gajic Bakic, MOT, OTR/L

Easter Teletherapy Resource. Decorate with stamps and emojis.

Ambiki - Holiday breakfast menu

Holiday Breakfast Menu
by Glenna Nave

Restaurant Ordering Food Resources. Daily Living. Occupational therapy. Handwriting Resource. The holiday breakfast menu features an assortment of breakfast foods and prices to create your own brea...


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